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    How to have bar chart show correct count?

    Mohammed Ahad



      I am practicing using Qlik Sense by making a sample dashboard that displays visualizations based on Academy Awards data. I currently have a bar chart that is supposed to show the count of awards won by each actor on the datasource. Please see the screenshot here:




      As you can see, according to the bar chart, Hilary Swank won 4 awards. This is NOT correct because Hilary Swank actually won 2 awards according to the datasource being used. Please see here:




      The bar chart is really showing the number of NOMINATIONS for the actors, not the actual number of awards won. Hilary Swank got 4 nominations, but won it twice.


      How can I change the bar chart to show the values in the chart to match the datasource? I thought I used the correct formula, but apparently that is not. THANK YOU in advance for your assistance!