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    Qlik Sense object calculation Time too long respect the same object in QlikView

    Paolo Rena

      Hi community


      in our Sense application we are fighting with some performance problems.

      In specific, the time spent by the calculation engine of sense, is so different respect the engine of QlikView. Using the same architecture, RAM and CPU.


      In qlik view the time to calculare a pivot with 60 KPIU is 58 Sec, in sense a bit less than 4 mins (for the same pool of kpi).

      In particular, as you ca see in the image below, The sense object spend 3 mins only for the initial phase.

      My question is what happen in that phase? Is there any log?


      Datamodel size:500Mb



      If i was too syntetic, please ask for detail.

      Really thanks,