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    Custom Pivot table move headers

    Nuno Fernandes

      Hello everyone,


      I am in need of help once again.

      I have created a custom extension that allows the user to dynamically populate a pivot table with dimensions and meaures, selected from a list.


      Everything is fine upon creating and changing selections.


      However, whenever a user needs to move a left dimension to a top dimension and then make changes to the dimensions and/or measures, the positions reset to their original sources(i.e dimensions return to the left, measures return to the top)


      I am trying to figure out the "pseudo-dimension" logic and the qInterColumnSortOrder in the qHyperCubeDef that is being returned

      I've read the documentation several times but still don't understand the logic behind it.

      Has anyone struggled with this?

      Any help is very appreciated

      Thank you