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    Set today's date as calender's default date



      I know that there are many existing threads on this topic. But I tried implementing the solution none of them are working.


      1) write a trigget "onopen "

      I did this. 

      i the select field i wrote "Calender"

      in the search string I wrote

      "='d' & date(today())"

      it didn't work


      2) tried setting a value of a variabel to the calender and the value of the variable is set to today(sys date)



      sub SetDate


      ActiveDocument.Fields("Ship Confirmed Date").Select today
      end sub


      I wrote a macro as above. It is sytacttically correct.

      But doesn't pull the date.

      Please let me know if theres mistake in any of these approches.


      Really appriciate your help.