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    Loop in load statement

    Heiko Schmidt

      Hello everybody, I am facing the following problem:

      I load this table:






          FROM "qlik".dbo."Table";


      In this table i have text fields per ordernumber

      so the data set could be like this:


      ordernumber 10   / "t_seqe" = 1  / Text = "Hello"

      ordernumber 10   / "t_seqe" = 2  / Text = "World"

      There could be one ordernumber with different sequenze numbers and the Text should be concatenated.

      Sometimes i also have a sequenze number 3 or 4 aswell.

      What I need at the end is this data set is:

      ordernumber 10   / Text = "Hello World"

      I hope anybody can help me with this.

      Best regards