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    KPI and Text Objects resizing problem

    omar bensalem

      Hi mto


      I've always thaught that when the KPI object is presented in SMALL format, it would AUTOMITICALLY resize when we narrow the sheet and thus the numbers will FULLY appear.



      But, that is not the case at all... and that's really frustrating for me and especially for the users...




      The numbers/letter size is really instable also when It comes to text Objects.

      In fact, when you use a text object to create some things (a narrative for exp)


      Sometimes it appears in a good way :



      and then, without resizing the sheet; it could become BIGGER with a scroll bar appearing from nowhere.. and that really happens A LOT.



      Yet another remark on the Text Object chart, making the Measure BOLD does not always work, it's instable.


      Example, the Nbr measure is supposed to be bold,


      while here's how it appears:



      Can you please disucss these points with the concerned teams? Thank you for your cooperation.