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    X-axis doesn't show all values (date axis)

    Jasmina Karčić

      Hi everyone,


      I need to show data values, for last 8 weeks, or 12 last months. I make in properties "fixed number" and 8 and top. But Qlik Sense doesn't give me what I need


      I need it shows to me x-axis with values (end of weeks):


      6.5., 13.5., 20.5., 27.5.,3.6, 10.6., 17.6., 24. 6.

      It is missing some values.





      I cannot understand what is problem, like it puts randomly values.



      ZadnjiDanSedmica is defined in Data load editor:    if (date(DATUM) = Floor(weekEnd(DATUM)),DATUM) as ZadnjiDanSedmica

      DATUM is date.