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    Part II: Sum based off If and dates

    Jeremiah Bakerstull

      I'm trying to add an condition of Formula B to Formula A. When I combined formulas A and B, the returned value is 0. The column value correctly identifies columns with a yes values. Basically, I'm trying to create a formula to sum the values of  new households column. Any help would be appreciated.


      Created Column (New Household)

      =If([Entry Date] = Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> [Entry Date]),If(Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> [Entry Date])>='4/1/2018','Yes','-'))


      A) Value is 375

      = Sum(Aggr(If([Entry Date] = Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> Floor(Num([Entry Date]))),1,0), [Client Id], [Entry Date]))


      B) Value is 255

      =Sum(Aggr(If(Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> Floor(Num( [Entry Date])>='4/1/2018')),1,0), [Client Id], [Entry Date]))



      Combined = Return value is 0

      =Sum(Aggr(If([Entry Date] = Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> Floor(Num([Entry Date],

      If(Min(TOTAL <[Client Id]> Floor(Num([Entry Date])>='4/1/2018'))))),1,0)),

      [Client Id], [Entry Date]))