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    Masking Names

    Alex Castorena


      Is there any way that a Name can masked in Qlik? I have a customer list though when I select a specific customer I would like the rest of the names to be masked.

      In my example below, If I select Jeff, I would like the rest of the customers to be masked. See the example below.

      Appreciate any help....


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          Paul Scotchford

          When you say mask do you mean you want to not show the other customers  after Jeff or any other customer is selected ?


          When you select a dimension (e.g. Jeff)  on a chart then only that dimension will be displayed i.e. Jeff


          This is the way the associative engine works.


          Or do you require something else ?

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              Alex Castorena

              Hi Paul,

              I would like the other customers detail to still show, though not display their original name.

              So in the example I provided. If I select Jeff, i would like so see all the other customers with a masked named.

              Example Alex would display Cust1, Bob would display, Cust2, Ron would display Cust4

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              Marcus Sommer

              You could try it with an expression like this:


              if(getselectedcount(Customer) = 1,

                   if(len(only(Customer)) >= 1, Customer, 'Cust' & rowno()),



              - Marcus