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    Qlik Sense - duplicate values

    Premi Jacob

      I have loaded data by using SQL and have the table loaded as given below:


      Col1                Col2

      APPLE            RED

      APPLE           GREEN

      ORANGE       YELLOW

      BANANA         BLACK

      GRAPES         PURPLE

      GRAPES          VIOLET


      1. Let me know how to write the expression to see the duplicate values in a table as seen below

      Col1                    Col2

      APPLE                RED

      APPLE           GREEN

      GRAPES         PURPLE

      GRAPES          VIOLET


      2. Also need another expression to view all the records with a new column added as seen below:

      Col1                Col2             Col3

      APPLE            RED               Duplicate   

      APPLE           GREEN           Duplicate  

      ORANGE       YELLOW         No Duplicate  

      BANANA         BLACK           No Duplicate  

      GRAPES         PURPLE        Duplicate  

      GRAPES          VIOLET         Duplicate  

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          Petter Skjolden

          2018-06-27 19_19_49-Bilder.png



          Both have two dimensions Col1 and Col2.


          The first table has the expression:

          If(Count(TOTAL <Col1> Col1)>1,' ',Null())    or simply    If(Count(TOTAL <Col1> Col1)>1,' ')

          and the label:

          =' '

          Finally on the Add-Ons remove the checkmark for "Include zero values"


          The second table has the expression:

          If(Count(TOTAL <Col1> Col1)>1,'Duplicate','No Duplicate')

          and the label:

          =' '