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    Help with syntax on line chart to only show scores over 4 AND groups that have a count over 30?

    Jordan Hertl

      So I have successfully had a line chart where I filtered out all scores that were under 4...and successfully had a pivot chart where I filtered out groups under 30. I am trying to have a line chart where I do both...but I must be screwing things up here, because it is just making the lines disappear even though I know these groups are over 30.


      So I am just using the term "Measure" for what I am having counted as being over 4 and "Filter" for what I am using in my filter pane to select what shows up in the line chart.


      Num(Count({<Measure = {">=4"}, Filter = {">=30"} >} Measure) /Count({<Filter= {">=30"} >} Measure),'0%')


      Thanks for any help anyone can give me!