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    How do I write a multiple condition if statement using wildmatch() and isnull()?

    Molly Kampmann

      Hello - Second day using Qlik Sense and first post here!


      I am trying to create a field with the value 'unknown supplier' only if the column [Journal Reference] contains the word *Miscellaneous* and the column [Misc-GRNI-Supplier] contains no value (so is null).


      I've looked around on the forums quite a bit now, and from what I can tell, this expression should work:


      If(WildMatch([Journal Reference],'*Miscellaneous*') and IsNull([Misc-GRNI-Supplier]),'Unknown Supplier')

      However, I wouldn't be posting if it were! I get the error that I am "missing right parenthesis" (but all the existing parentheses have pairs in the formula, so I'm not sure why Qlik is throwing that error.


      I feel like I'm probably missing something silly - let me know if you can help!