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    Create field with data

    Alex Valverde



      I am using the 'Climber Selection Bar' extension and in the 'Initial Selection' property (Fig.1) I need the 'Sellers', I am currently entering them as Fixed data (Fig.2), but I need to be dynamic.

      The information of the Sellers is in the field 'Nomb_Representante' of the table 'KNA1_Representantes'.

      I must have a variable or generate a field that has the data.




          KUNNR                     as Cod_Representante,

          NAME1                     as Nombres_Representante,

          MID(KUNNR,5,10)&' '&NAME1 as Nomb_Representante

      FROM [lib://Qvds_FI/KNA1_CLI_REP.qvd](qvd)

      Where KTOKD='ZREP';


      Thank you.