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    Profit & Loss Layout/Mapping Issue

      Good day everyone.


      I would appreciate it if someone could have a look at this and tell me if it is at all possible.

      First of all, please find attached ZIP folder containing all the relevant files.


      I was asked to develop a descent looking P&L on Qlikview.

      You will see that I am only using Personnel Cost & Overheads for this example.

      The files "Should Look Like This.xls" is how the format should look like.

      The P&L should show the Personnel Cost & Overheads by Cost Centre Group beneath each other.


      Previously I managed to show these lines by Cost Centre Group by doing a Pivot Table and showing the Cost Centre Groups Vertically.

      But now, this format is no longer good enough.


      I have played around with set analysis etc, but could not figure out a way to do this.


      Any help will be appreciated.


      By solving this issue could also to vital info for some developers out there building P&L sort like reports.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Profit & Loss Layout/Mapping Issue



          you are not so clear in your question and where is the problem?




          i have lot of experience in finance reports, and i can tell you that you are in the right way of


          using excel files to set the grouping and the view definitions.


          but, the end date should be in a 1 qlikt able thay have all the column and fields you need for the report.


          also you should use a straight table and not a pivot!!


          the problem of straight table is that it doesn't sort good if you use expression sort, so use a hidden dimention to sort.





            • Profit & Loss Layout/Mapping Issue

              Thank you for your reply.


              I am going to try to be more clear on my question:


              I have managed to create a descent looking P&L report by mapping accounts with the excel file.

              For people to see the P&L report for their cost centre, they had to click on their cost centre from a list box.


              We are a afiliate of a bigger group and the group are not using the same format as us. In order for us to adjust to their format, I would like to instead of clicking on a cost centre, show for example overheads for Finance, Marketing, Sales beneath each other.


              For this model people will not be able to click on a cost centre from a list box but will only see one P&L report for the whole company. It must look like the excel file "Must look like this.xls".


              I think this would envolve adding the cost centre groups to the mapping file aswell and maybe using set analysis, but I am not sure on how to do this.


              Please let me know if you need more info.