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    Line chart plotting two lines based on different date fields

    Aaron Falk-Mahapatra

      Good Afternoon,


      I am new to Qlik Sense and trying to replicate line chart I create in Excel. Basically it is for open issues how many issue tickets were opened in a particular month vs how many were closed in the same month. The structure would be like:


      Ticket NumberOpen DateClosed Date


      I can plot the count of open or closed and that works fine but I can' figure out how to plot the count of the tickets opened in a month and the count of the tickets closed in a month. It generally just plots over the same line twice.


      I have been reading about chart expressions, set expressions, and chart functions, tried probably a dozen or so variations and the most change I get is the second line disappears or is posted as a single point. Am I going in the right direction? Can you do this with expressions? I have also read some forum posts that seem to suggest multiple tables for each date type but I not sure if that is the direction I have to go either.


      Thanks for any direction you can give me.