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    Want to know about these topics

    Shubham Ghuwara

      Hello Guys,

      Actually, I am new in qlik and right now I am learning about qlik. I am facing little problems and want to know about below topics.

      If anyone got any data regarding those topics any notes any website, videos or anything about it please forward it.


      • QAP101 - Qlik Analytics Platform Messaging
      • QS101 - Qlik Sense Positioning and Messaging
      • QS101A - Qlik Sense Messaging Assessment- Sales & pre Sales
      • PON-BI103 - Competitive Overview of Stack Vendors
      • PON-BI102 - Competitive Overview of Self-Service Vendors
      • PON-BI101 - Competitive Landscape Overview
      • MSG100 - The Qlik Story