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    List of specific days for set analysis

    phuc pham

      Hi guys,

      I have tasked to create a pivot table showing sum results by fixed days.

      On a column, i have add some fixed days as:

      =if(backup_date='31/01/2018' or backup_date = '28/02/2018' or backup_date = '31/03/2018', backup_date)


      On a row, for the sum result, i have made a segment for a range of sum result of paid_money as:



      if(aggr(sum( [paid_money]),CUST_KEY)<500000000,Dual('300M-500M',3))))


      The issue is the result of that segment will sum all the records of all backup_date till backup_date='31/01/2018' then from 31/01 to 28/02 while i only need to calculate exactly the sum of  paid_money in each day which i have added to to column like 30/01, 28/02 and .... Can someone guide me to solve this issue.

      Thanks in advance!