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    How to extract the middle number in a string

    Markus Riebeling



      I'm trying to extract the number of a materiel within a string.

      The problem is that users tend to add additional information into the input field (web page), so that when I load the the data with qlik, the field has more information then I want.


      Lets say I have a string like this:

      let vExampleString1 = 'This is my number #1234567890';

      let vExampleString2 = 'Package number #42Part 1';


      I would like to extract the data to be:


      '42'   // important only the 42 and not the 1 from 'Part 1'


      A few rules:

      1) the number in Question always starts with a #

      2) the number in question ends with the fist non number


      I have tried to accomplish it with:

           Mid('$(vExampleString2)' , Index('$(vExampleString2)', '#'), 10)


      but wasn't able to get it done. Can someone help me?