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    How to hide row in table that contains all zero values in measures?

    Jasmina Karčić

      Hi everyone,


      I have an issue in Qlik Sense, that I cannot solve.


      In one table I have for example:


      For Calculated measure is formula (if Measure>0, Measure3/Measure1-1, 1)


      Name            Measure1  Measure2  Measure3 ....  Calculated_measure

      Elma              35                44              0                        -1

      Jasmina          44                56              73                      73/44 -1

      Aida                0                  0                0                        1

      Lejla                0                  3                5                        1


      I don't want to show Aida row, because all measure (1,2,3) contain 0 values. But because of rule (if Measure>0, Measure3/Measure1-1, 1) in a Calculated measure I got 1.


      I cannot implement in Add-on unchecking "Include zero values".



      Is there any other solution? How can I hide all rows where are measures 0?


      Thank you,