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    Swe Tha

      I have two excel files.


      Data of file 1 is :


      No  Author

      1    Sam

      2    Mike

      3    Jhon

      4    Admin



      Data in file 2 is


      No               Name                          Col3                   col4

      1                   $Sam$                         xxxx                  yyyy

      2                   xxx xxxxx                 xefaw                yyySanyyy

      3                   zzzzzzzzMike              bbbb                cccc



      if you see the data in file 2 either Name  or col 4 has Authors of File 1.

      So i have to load in such way that if the Author from file 1 is present either in Name or col4 columns of file 2


      Now while loading the code i used is



      Load No,Name from file 1;



      Load No,Name,col3,col4 from file 2;



      load No,Name,col3,col4 resident tab 2

      where exists(Author,Name)  or exists(author,col 4)




      But this scrpt is not working as expected.

      Can some one suggest other method or if some thing wrong i am doing now.