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    RangeFractile (Medium) ALOS

    Jeremiah Bakerstull

      I'm trying to understand how to use RangeFractile function to find the median average length of stay (per client).


      Length of Stay per service Formula:

      =If(substringcount([Exit Date],'.')=0,Floor(Num([Exit Date Adjusted])- IF([Entry Date]<'4/1/2018','4/1/2018',

      Date(Floor([Entry Date]),'MM-DD-YYYY'))),Floor(Num('6/30/2018'-

      IF([Entry Date]<'4/1/2018','4/1/2018',Date(Floor([Entry Date]),'MM-DD-YYYY')))))


      Aver Length of stay (ALOS)

      Sum(Aggr(If(substringcount([Exit Date],'.') = 0, Floor(Num([Exit Date Adjusted]) - [Entry Date]),

      Floor(Num('6/30/2018' - [Entry Date]))), [Client Id], [Entry Exit Provider Name],

      [Entry Date], [Exit Date Adjusted]))/Count([Client Id])


      Apparently it's not as simple to just put RangeFractile in front of the sum.


      Would I need to create a column in table that calculates ALOS for each client and then apply RangeFractile?