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    Integrate Fields

    Mateo Florence Retana



      I have a problem and to explain it I will give an example of a case.


      I have loaded a Operation Table of purchase with the following fields:


      BankId OperationOperation amountType of Commission 1Commission amount 1Type of Commission 2Commission amount 2
      A00000199,99 €Commission A0,50 €Commission B1,50 €
      B00000249,99 €Commission A0,25 €Commission C1,20 €


      Each Operation can have a maximum of 2 different commissions.

      I can not modify the table and I need to create the "Type of Commission" field that contains the values of the "Type of Commission 1" and "Type of Commission 2 fields". Example of what I need:


      BankId OperationType of CommissionCommission amount
      A000001Commission A0,50 €
      B000002Commission A0,25 €
      A000001Commission B1,50 €
      B000002Commission C1,20 €



      Which is the best solution?


      PS: I do not have access to the load script



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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Mateo,


          I've created a script for your need, that gets each row and transforms it into two rows in a new table, containing the two possible types os comission and values.

          I copied your example to a spreadsheet so i could load it into Qlik


          Here's the script:

          LOAD Bank,
               [Id Operation],
               [Operation amount],
               [Type of Commission 1],
               [Commission amount 1],
               [Type of Commission 2],
               [Commission amount 2]
          (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Plan1);
          for each BankID in FieldValueList('Bank')
          Bank as _tmpBank,
          [Id Operation],
          [Type of Commission 1],
                [Commission amount 1],
                [Type of Commission 2],
                [Commission amount 2]
              Resident Data
              where Bank='$(BankID)';
              for i = 0 to NoOfRows('_tmpTable')
              let j = $(i)+1;
              let _tmpIdOperation = peek('Id Operation',0,'_tmpTable');
              let _tmpTypeComission = peek('Type of Commission $(j)',0,'_tmpTable');
              let _tmpTypeAmount = peek('Commission amount $(j)',0,'_tmpTable');
              [Comission Amount]:
              '$(BankID)' as Bank,
              '$(_tmpIdOperation)' as [Id Operation New],
              '$(_tmpTypeComission)' as [Type of Comission New],
              '$(_tmpTypeAmount)' as [Commission Amount]
          drop table _tmpTable;


          As a result, I get



          Attached the QVW i used.


          PS: Just know I saw you cant access the script, but as to my opinion, it would be quite difficult and rather not possible to do it in a graph without data transformation.

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            Massimo Grossi

            maybe with ValueList, look at he attachment

            you can hide the yellow column in presentation tab


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              Ruben Marin

              Hi Mateo, using a bucle can be another option:


              FOR i=1 to 2 // Number of comissions


              LOAD Bank, 

                   [Id Operation], 

                   [Operation amount], 

                   [Type of Commission $(i)] as [Type of Comission], 

                   [Commission amount $(i)] as [Comission Amount]

              FROM  FileToLoad;