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    Reading data from qvd makes delay

    Shahzad Ahsan

      Hi Friends


      I have 4 million records in a qvd. When I reload from 'data load editor' it hardly takes 10 sec to reload all data.

      But when I open sheets, all the charts and KPIs takes more than 20 seconds to view.

      Why are the charts taking time to load. Is there any way to make faster?

      The users don't want to wait for 20-30 seconds on every sheets.

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          Marcus Sommer

          It depends on your datamodel and the number of objects on your sheets and the kind of expressions within them how long it takes to display the sheets and objects. 4 M records are not very much and by a well-build application - star-scheme and mostly simply expressions like sum/count(AnyValue) - it should react < 1 second without a real noticeable delaying.


          - Marcus