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    Dynamic label for the expression in Pivot Table in Qliksense

    kvp kumar

      Hello All,


      I am using the April-2018 version in qliksense. I want to create a pivot table contains the two dimension (region, status) and three expression(Budget,Actual,Ach or Diff).

      In these region dimension as row and status as column and in 3 expression the label need to change when status is volume then it should show as 'Ach' other wise 'diff'.


      when i was trying to have a expression in the label box as If(status='volume','Ach','Diff') , it was showing label as 'Diff' only.

      I am struck on the label name. Kindly provide your suggestions on this, it would be helpful for me.


      The below is the required out.






      Thanks in advance



      Kumar KVP