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    Show sales between 2 dates

    Jerry Ile

      I'm a newbie, very newbie so pls be delicate only 2 weeks now


      I have sales data for various host channels and need to show sales for This year and the equivalent time period last year.


      With some community searching I ended up setting up some variables

      vTYear     =Max([Acc Year])

      vLYear   =Max([Acc Year])-1  e.g. 2017

      vCurrentWk   =FirstSortedValue(distinct [Acc Week],-[Start Wk]) e.g. Wk_26

      vCurrentStWk   =Max([Start Wk])  e.g. 24/06/2018


      Wanted to set up a variable to show the [Start Wk] date for last year by looking up the equivalent Wk_ number but couldn't figure out the expression

      vLYCurrentStWk   e.g. 25/06/2017    I tried this

      =date(FirstSortedValue(distinct [Start Wk], aggr({<[Acc Year] = {$(vLYear)}>}, {<[Acc Week] = {$(vCurrentWk)}>})))

      but it didn't work


      Then intended to put a date range into a Set Analysis but again could not figure out the expression

      I gave up on Variables and tried this but again no joy

      sum({$<[Start Wk]={">=$(=date(FirstSortedValue( distinct [Start Wk], [Acc Year]= 2017)))<=$(=max([Start wk])-365)"}>} [Net GBP incVat])


      The table would be similar to this

      Start WkAcc YearAcc WeekHostNet GBP incVat
      05/02/20172017Wk_06Channel A100
      25/06/20172017Wk_26Channel B80
      28/04/20182018Wk_05Channel A150
      06/05/20182018Wk_19Channel B70
      24/06/20182018Wk_26Channel B100


      And the results would look similar to this with a line showing the LY YTD sales


      Can anyone shed some light please

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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          Not sure but...

          Use below in your Calendar script...

          if(InYear(TempDate, today(),-1), 1, 0) as LastYearFlag,

          num(Week(TempDate)) as WeekNum,

          WeekStart(TempDate) as WeekStart,

          Instead of TempDate field replace it with your DateField

          In front end add a filter to setanalysis

          sum({$<LastYearFlag= {1},WeekStart>} [Net GBP incVat])

          Maybe this should help?

          Lastyear Flag = 1 should always give you previous year, in this case it will be 2017 and if there is data for the week then it would automatically show the data for start week

          If you still have trouble try to upload a sample data?


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              Jerry Ile

              Thanks Shahbaz

              The InYear(TempDate, today(),-1), 1, 0) as LastYearFlag flagged the entire year for some reason not the Year to Date

              But I did manage to add the flag to the data source so sum({$<LastYearFlag= {1}>} [Net GBP incVat]) is now doing the job

              thanks for the help and steering me in the right direction


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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  For YTD maybe you should try


                  sum({$< Month = {"<=$(=num(Month))"} >} [Net GBP incVat])


                  Here Month field would have values such as Jan,Feb,Mar... etc.

                  LastYearFlag will always give you previous year which is static and will show 0 for 2016 or 2015...

                  to make it dynamic (select any year) you can use Year = { $(=Max(Year) - 1)}

                  sum({$< Month = {"<=$(=num(Month))"},Year = { $(=Max(Year) - 1)} >} [Net GBP incVat])

                  Now this will only get you previous years YTD not the current YTD

                  So use the 2nd expression but by default the value you see without year selection will be last years data and check if you need to add Month or Quarter as extra field for filter selections

                  Ex: sum({$< Month = {"<=$(=num(Month))"},Year = { $(=Max(Year) - 1)}, Month >} [Net GBP incVat])

                  If your questions has been resolved, please mark it correct and close it?