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    Use the Box-Plot for time Analysis; Help required.

    omar bensalem

      Hi all ( mto , stalwar1 ),

      I've never used the Box Plot chart and was wondering if anyone could help me with it please


      In fact, what my client wants is Time Analysis to know how much time his clients would take to do their first publication / candidature / service since the creation of their account.


      To do such a thing:

      I created the Nb_Of_Days to do each thing in the script (publication / candidature / service)

      Then I used for each:

      1) a bar chart (classification of 10 slots)

      2) an Histogramme with 10 Bars (to have a detailed view by day in each selection)




      Now, the question is :  I was wondering if this was possible to include in a Box Plot Chart (all the 3 axis)


      sthing like this (excuse the horrible "art" of mine )




      Thank u very much for ur expected help

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          Olivier GAUTIER



          but why not a stacked bar ?

          in dimension :





          in expression :




          boxplot is more usefull for fractile



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              omar bensalem

              Thank u for ur answer Olivier.


              I don't have any dimension that regroups publication/candidature/service

              nor have I one nb_of_days field


              In fact, I have date_creation, date_publication, date_candidature, date_service

              and based on that I calculate nb_of_Days_publication , nb_of_Days_Candidature, nb_of_Days_Tampon

              That said, I can't figure out a way to use ur method with a stacked bar


              As I said; what I was doing is sthing like this:


              in the bar chart  : (for publication)

              as dimension:


              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=0 and Nb_deJours_Publication<10, '< 10 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=10 and Nb_deJours_Publication<20, '< 20 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=20 and Nb_deJours_Publication<30, '< 30 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=30 and Nb_deJours_Publication<40, '< 40 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=40 and Nb_deJours_Publication<50, '< 50 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=50 and Nb_deJours_Publication<60, '< 60 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=60 and Nb_deJours_Publication<70, '< 70 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=70 and Nb_deJours_Publication<80, '< 80 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=80 and Nb_deJours_Publication<90, '< 90 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=90 and Nb_deJours_Publication<100,'< 100 jours',

              if(Nb_deJours_Publication>=100 , '> 100 jours')))))))))))


              as a measure:



              to have this:



              and an histogramme as follow :



              to have this:


              This process is then repeated for the candidature and service:


              Which means, that I have to include the COUNT(ID) as a measure to build my time analysis around and find a way to regroup all  of the axis in one chart..

              Ps: the BoxPlot was the demand of the client; far from being mine