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    Cumulative saless

    sakshi kaul


      I have used following expressions for calculating cumulative targets and cumulative sales but the results are not found to be correct

      Following are the expressions:-

      MRP cummulative achievements

      =RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum( { <Sold_Date= {">=$(From)<=$(To)"} >} [sales price]* quantity_sold)-

      sum({ <Sold_Date= {">=$(From)<=$(To)"}>}[sales price]* quantity_returns)) , 0, RowNo())


      Realised  cummulative achieveents

      =RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum( { < Sold_Date = {">=$(From)<=$(To)"} >}[inv value]/Sales_INR_Unit)), 0, RowNo())

      For both the expressions results are coming correct in next row like for eg

      SAPCode    MRP cumulative achievements   Realised  cumulative achievements

      N230005         949380 (in correct)                        1909675(correct value present in next row )

      The correct  values under the heading  ( Realised  cumulative achievements)   are coming in next row ie correct values should be 

      1909675 which is present in next row (marked in red color in image )

      Want to know where I am going wrong?

      please help stalwar1 Paint1.png