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    Using Filter pane to show previous years value.

    Lennart Olesen


      I want to develop an expression showing the budget value from the previous year. If I choose year 2018 in the Filter pane the expression should return the budget value from 2017.

      I am using the following expression but it does not work.

      Sum( { $< [Year (DMOSK).autoCalendar.InYTD]={1}, [Year (DMOSK).autoCalendar.YearsAgo]={1} > } [Amount (DMOSK)] )

      When I choose 2018 or 2016 in the Filter pane, the value is zero. When I choose 2017, it return the value from 2017. In this case, it should return the value from 2016. What is wrong?

      Thank you!