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    Bringing in Goals; Linking 2 Separate Dates

    Grant Larscheid

      I'm struggling with bringing a spreadsheet consisting of goals into my data.


      We have a bunch of companies (ReferralCompanies) that give us referrals (Referrals) on a daily basis. We have created monthly goals based on marketing plans for those companies (ReferralGoals).


      What I'm trying to do is create a side by side comparison per month of Referrals received vs. Referral Goal. Something like this:



      My Goals Table (spreadsheet) looks like this:



      My Referral Table includes Referral Company, Referral Date, and ReferralID (used to make the count).


      I've scoured the forums looking for a solution. Time to ask for help. Any feedback is much appreciated.


      I've tried these links with no luck:

      Canonical Date

      Linking to two or more dates