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    Custom properties for styling sheet title background color

    Carlos Londono



      I have an app in which we are using custom properties to control user access to streams, apps, and sheets.  Everything works as expected and we are able to assign access at user level based on custom properties.  The issue I am facing right now is that published apps loose the sheet theme formatting once the custom properties are applied.  It looks like a object ownership issue. If I log with the service account, or with a root admin account, I am able to see the sheet title background color. When users that are not root admin open the app the background color is not displayed in the sheet title object.  All other objects, including charts, dimensions, measures, extensions, master items, are displayed correctly for all users depending on the custom properties and security rules.


      I have not been able to identify what type of object the background color for the sheet title is (the sheet title background color is controlled by the sheet theme).  Any idea on how to assign custom properties to the sheet title background color, or a workaround for this issue?





      PS. The "Qlik Sense Styler" or the "Qlik Sense Style Light" extensions from Qlik Branch  are not an appropriate solution for this issue.