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    Last 3 days and Month to date

    mazda miata

      Hi All,


      I have the following expressions:


      Current Month to date

      = sum({$<Month={"$(=Date(Max(Month),'MMM-YY'))"}>}[Sales])


      Previous Month to date

      = sum({$<Month={"$(=Date(addmonths(Max(Month),-1),'MMM-YY'))"}>}([Sales])


      these 2 works fine but i want to add another field that could see less 3 days Current Month to date and less 3 days Previous Month to date. e.g. i select July 1 to 5 but it would only select July 3 to 5 only on the next two expressions.


      My Script below:



      Day (Date) as DayDate,

      Month( Date) as MonthDate,

      Year (Date) as YearDate,

      Date(Date,'MM-DD-YYYY') as Date,

      Date(Date,'MMM-YY') as Month,




      SQL SELECT * FROM dbo.customers;