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    Section Access in Qlik Sense

    Kaustabh Mitra

      Hi All,


      I wanted to know if someone could help me out with section access in Qlik Sense.

      I have a large data set that needs to be filtered as per the user log in credentials.

      Each user should only be able to access a limited amount of data and the rest should be filtered out.


      Can someone please suggest a way I can achieve this in Qlik Sense?



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          Mark Ritter

          There are numerous posts in this forum as well as multiple YouTube videos to watch on how to set this up.


          It is actually quite easy once you understand the components that you need and the setup.

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            Carlos Londono

            These are good articles about Section Access in Qlik Sense:


            Making Sense of Section Access in Qlik Sense


            Tips and tricks for section access in Qlik Sense (2.0+)


            You can also use custom rules for controlling access to Streams, Apps, Sheets and App Objects:

            Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense


            Hope this helps,


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              Kaustabh Mitra

              Thanks Mark and Carlos for your help.

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                Satish Kurra

                Hi Mitra


                Identify the lowest level of data and associate the field to section access script in QlikSense.


                There is no option in QlikSense to enable/disable security.


                Also another note, section access will work only in enterprise version and not in desktop.


                See below script for reference


                LET vHierarchyDef='Country,State,City';

                LET vLevels=Len(KeepChar(vHierarchyDef,',')) + 1;



                Section Access;

                LOAD * INLINE [

                   ACCESS, USERID, REDUCTION

                   ADMIN, US\SATISHKURRA,

                   USER, US\SALIDINA, ILLINOIS

                   USER, US\SREEDENON, TEXAS

                   USER, SK, CHICAGO


                Section Application;


                For vAncLevels= 1 to vLevels

                LET vAnc=SubField(vHierarchyDef,',',vAncLevels);




                LOAD Distinct

                     UPPER([$(vAnc)]) as REDUCTION,


                     Resident Link;


                Next vAncLevels



                Notes from above script


                1. This script will reduce the data based on hierarchy level (Country, State and City). If your data do not have hierarchy, specify the column name in vHierarchyDef variable (For example if you want to reduce data only to Country level, only specify Country

                2. For ADMIN, REDUCTION column is empty, means access to all data

                3. SALIDIN is able to see only data for ILLINOIS state

                4. SK is able to see only data for Chicago city


                Another important note, if by any chance your load failed, you can still enter into the script by right clicking the app in work folder (hub) and click open without data and perform changes.


                If you face any difficulty, please let us know





                Note: Link provided by Carlos is a good starting point to implement security in QS


                Good luck!