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    Is there a limit to the number of Nested IF statements in the Script editor?



      I am currently working with a Qlikview application whereby I am trying to create a new Field in the Qlikview Script based on whether specific codes exist. If the codes do exist, then they should be included within the new field


      This seems to work fine, up until a certain point. At present there are 37 IF statements within this particular code, e.g:



        IF(WAGE_GRP&'-'&WAGE_CODE_NAME='Absence-Annual Paid Leave','APL',

         IF(WAGE_GRP&'-'&WAGE_CODE_NAME='Normal-Sick','Sick Absence')))

           AS Absences


      What seems to happen, is that after the 26th IF statement, the remaining records are not recognised. No errors are raised during the reload process, and the syntax appears to look ok? Does Qlikview have a limit on the number of nested IF statements, or the number of characters?


      I can do this via an Inline Load, which will overcome the problem, but I would like to know if there is a limit?


      Many Thanks