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    Fiscal Year calculations

    Juan Julian Herranz Sarrion

      Hello all,


      I am trying to obtain the Year to Date set analysis code to be able to calculate the revenue continuously during a Fiscal Year. I have the current data calculated on my excel and it is written in this format:



      (=IF(Fiscal Years equal, Add the previous month's revenue to the current month's revenue, if not add only the current month revenue)


      In this way I make sure that at beginning of the financial year (April) no data is carried on from previous months.


      So far in Qliksense I have developed the following set analysis:

      Sum({<Date=,[Fiscal YearMonth]={"<=$(=$(=vMaxFiscalYearMonth))>=$(=$(=vMinFiscalYear))"}>}[Act+Fcst Data])/1000000


      However, this formula doesn't identify a change in Fiscal Years.


      I hope someone knows how to code this properly