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    COUNT - a sorted table of a conditioned count

    D. Brouwers

      Hi Guys,



      After my previous hick-up with asking questions here, I’ve got a new one. This time a real one. My challenge is as follows:

      • I have a table of production orders requested on a daily basis.
      • I also have a table hat describes the BOM per order.
      • Finally I have a table with the nr. of items in stock per equipment.

      I have created a graph that shows the number of requested and available items per equipment. Whenever I select a day I can scroll through this graph to find the equipments for which demand was higher than supply. For the requested items I’ve created a master item called “Aangevraagd Artikel” and for the available nr of items I’ve created a master item called “Beschikbare Equipments”

      The graph is attached and the legend is as follows: The blue column represent the number of requested items, the orange line represents the nr. of available items.


      Now I would like to have it the other way around in order to identify the equipments with supply problems easier.

      I would like to have a sorted  table that shows the number of times in which the demand for an equipment was higher than the amount of items available based on the production orders on a given day.


      I’ve come as far as:

      Count({$<[Aangevraagd Artikel]={">$(=Beschikbare Equipments)"}>}[Begindatum Verrichting_p.autoCalendar.Date])


      But the result is not matching my expectations. Any help is really appreciated!


      Thanks in advance