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    Mimic SQL's IN clause for resident table load.

    Tom Cotterill



      Is it possible to mimic a sub query in an SQL IN clause when loading from a qvd? I have a master list in a qvd file but only want to load data that is already present in my resident tables.


      For instance I have Tab1 and Tab2 both with the field ‘GP’ for instance:




      I have a master list of GPs in a qvd file but I only want to load GPs that are in both Tab1 and Tab2.


      Please note that Tab1 and Tab2 are resident tables.


      I am looking for the equivalent of:


      LOAD GP AS bridgeGP 
      From D:\Qlikview\QV Data\tbl_GP.qvd (qvd)
      Where GP IN(SELECT sGP Resident Tab1) 
      AND   GP IN(Select pGP Resident Tab2);


      Many thanks!