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    How to create a dimension based on grouped columns from table

    Jade Pepler

      Good Day,


      I please need assistance,

      I wish to return either the Value 'R', or 'NR' via a dimension


      The FILE_REF column has many unique values (Over 50,000), and is accompanied by READY1 with only 2 possible values ('R' or 'NR').


      To paint the picture, I want the dimension to tell me if the whole file is 'R' for ready, or 'NR' for not ready.


      If all fields are populated with 'R', then the file is ready, but if just 1 'NR' is displayed on that specific file, then it must populate all fields to 'NR'.


      ***Remember, this must be done on a file level, so the fx must perform it's task per file and not on the entire column.***


      Kindly refer to qvf attachment. Please note READY1 is a dimension and not part of the raw data imbedded in the sql table.