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    Summing on multiple values

    Imran Syed

      Hi Experts,


      I have a territory No(Field From Dim table) and   consolidated territory no(Field from Fact table).


      So I want to display the Sum of sales for  consolidated territory no but display only the Territory No .



      For Consolidated Territory No: 200

      we have Territory No --200,217.

      So when i pull Territory No in pivot it should show 200 but the sum shd be for 200+217

      Appreciate the help



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          Chennaiah Nallani

          Can you share sample data

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            ishan Bhatt

            Hi Imran,


            In this scenario, you can add a field in both tables something like Type.



                 Territory :



                                'Territory '      as Type

                      from source;


                 ConsolidatedTerritory :



                                'ConsolidatedTerritory '      as Type

                      from source;


            Now when you want to create a sum of any field then add set analysis.


                 =Sum({<Type = {'Territory'}>} field1)


            Hopefully, this will solve your problem.