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    Recognising customer engagement patterns

    Alexander James Tomlins

      HI Qlikers


      We have a table that details a customer ID and then an Engagement Type id such as bill or welcome message and many others. There is also then an addedDateTime detailing when this event happened.


      These events have a chronological order. So when a new customer clicks on an advert, then click confirm to subscribe, then they get a welcome message, then a bill etc.


      What i am trying to do is get patterns and conversions.


      So for example 100 customers saw the advert then 50 subscribed, 50 got a welcome message and then 30 got a bill.


      It is a bit like funnel analysis.is what is the best way for this pattern analysis


      My question is is there a best practice for this because it must be pretty common.


      We would also like to look at average times between seeing an advert and say subscribing or from subscribing to getting a welcome message. 


      So what would people normally do to track these chronological events and pattern of events etc? How would i roughly go about it pretty please?