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    Use selected Filter value in the set expression to feed into another dimesion

    Monu Saraswati

      Hi All,


      I want the selected value from a filter dimension to be assigned to another dimension in the set expression.

      Below is the scrnarion:


      I have a 2 date field Complete Date and Submit Date. I need a report wherein in one sheet i have 2 bar graphs, one is based on Submit date and another on Complete date.


      I need a common date filter wherein say i select 1/5/2018 and i need the metric where Submit date is 1/5/2018 for one bar chart and Complete Date is 1/5/2018 for another bar chart. Currently i am using Submit date in Filter and while i am creating metric for Complete Date bar chart i am trying to feed the value of Submit date into Complete date like the below:

      Count({<[Comple Date] = p([Submit Date])>}distinct ordernumber). However i am not getting the desired result. Please help