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    How can I edit and remove the unknown bar in the Bar Graph

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      Hi There,

      I'm pretty much new to qlik. I'm bit struggling with frequency of age group bar chart. I find bit strange in the chart with grey bar which there no data allocated. And I can't even click on it see who are they. The script below is what I have used for the Graph.


      Please if any could help me out. Would be really help.


      Age group.png

      =if (DRIVERAGE<21, '<21',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=21 and DRIVERAGE<24, '21-24',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=25 and DRIVERAGE<29, '25-29',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=30 and DRIVERAGE<34, '30-34',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=35 and DRIVERAGE<39, '35-39',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=40 and DRIVERAGE<44, '40-44',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=45 and DRIVERAGE<45, '45-49',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=50 and DRIVERAGE<54, '50-54',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=55 and DRIVERAGE<59, '55-59',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=60 and DRIVERAGE<64, '60-64',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=65 and DRIVERAGE<69, '65-69',

      if (DRIVERAGE>=70, '70+'))))))))))))