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    Selections on Dimensions from Hypercube

    Rusu Alex

      Hy everyone,


      I am trying to do some selections on dimensions grabbed with a hypercube.


      I got all the dimensions from the hypercube which is surpressing 0 and missing values, and I created a JS Object to make everything easier to get/understand.


      It looks something like this:



          Date: Array          //Dimension1

           0: 01.06.2018

           1: 02.06.2018

           2: 03.06.2018

           3: 04.06.2018


           Category: Array          //Dimension2

            0: Kat1

            1: Kat2

            2: Kat3



      As I said I am trying to do some selections on these Dimensions so I used the following


      app.field("Date").select( [0,1], true, true ).then(function(obj){               //this is an example so <Date> can be replaced with <Category>



      The problem is that no Selection is applied, the Objects look the same. The promise is never got.


      In the same Qlik Sense Mashup I also have some Fields. So I thought...lets try a the same method on a field and not on a dimension...and it totally worked...the Objects changed.

      So I thought...maybe I am doing something wrong...maybe you can't do selections on Dimensions...so I went to Qlik Sense Desktop and with Master Items I created a filterPane for the same Dimensions and I believe using Qlik View, I filtered the Values showed by the Objects in my Page using a selection made in the filter pane.


      Any suggestions? I really need some help with this.


      Many thanks!!