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    Restart week count for labor.

    Cristian Jorge

      Hello, Chic @ s

      I'm trying to get the number of weeks based on the LABOR.



      Get N ° Weeks per person based on LABOR.



      Each person starts a LABOR on a certain date, the count of the week begins (Monday to Sunday is a week).

      When that LABOR ends, restart the week count with another LABOR.



      A "SEMANA" field was added in the Excel to make an example of how it should appear in Qlikview.

      The "N ° PERSONAL = 3397" is you have several LABOR from May to July.

      As it is displayed in the week field, the countdown is restarted every 7 days (it is counted from Monday to Sunday).




      If we filter the "LABOR = 'PODA DE PRODUCCIÓN'", we realize that the count is restarted, until "WEEK = 5", because it only performs that LABOR.




      please help me get the amount of the week according to the work, date and staff.


      I attach the excel.