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    How to put target lines in line graph for dimension with two field and single expression?

    Haneesh Marella

      Hi, I have a dimension based on the formula


      IF(len(trim([CONTAINER]))=0,'OFF-LINE','ON-LINE') as OFF_ON_LINE


      The expression for the above dimension is count(distinct case#).


      I have created a line graph with X-Axis having time, and Y-axis having the expression. I plotted the dimension which gives two lines, ONLINE and OFFLINE counts. But when I add target calculations in expressions, the ONLINE and OFFLINE lines become one.


      The target lines are 70*count (Users) and 110*count(Users). I also tried adding them as reference lines but they don't work. Any alternative or what am I doing wrong here?


      Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you.SS.PNG