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    Multiple  Reference Lines with single expression

    Mahesh Gadde

      Hi Experts,


      I am raising this discussion after an enormous search of the same kind, with our success.


      I am trying to get the multiple reference lines from the single expression. It is working as long as I am selecting the months where the data is available. If I select the month where the data is not available, it is not displaying anything.

      My requirement is, I want all the reference lines irrespective of the month selected.


      Could you please help me out in acheiving this? I have attached few screenshots for your understanding.

      1 - June month selected where there is no data available for that month.

      2&3 - Jan and Feb selected where the data is availble to display and the reference lines are visible now

      Expression screenshot is the reference line expression


      Thanks in advance.

      Kind Regards

      Mahesh Gadde