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      Hi ,


      I am using Qlikview version 10.


        1. I want to restrict the users from downloading the QVW files from the Accessoint. What are the settings has to be changed. I am not able to figure out the  option.

        2. I could see an Java client in the version 9 and not able to find the same in 10.

        3.  I have customized the login page and it is working fine.

              If we click on the close option in the QVW file while accessing it through Accesspoint it is not getting logged out instead it is showing as restore. So if we click on restore it is opening the same QVW file. But we would like to close the current QVW file and show all the related QVW files of the customer or Log out of the Accesspoint. How to make this change. Please suggest.

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          Brent Nichol

          1.  To prevent the download of all QVW files, un-check the "Allow document download" setting on the QEMC > System > Qlikview Server > QVS > Documents tab > Server section.


          To restrict downloads of individual QVW files uncheck the Download option on QEMC > Documents > User Documents > QVS > Document > Server Settings > AccessPoint Access Methods.


          If you are using publisher then uncheck the Download option on QEMC > Documents > Source Documents > QVS > Document > Task > Server > Preloasd and Access Method > Access.


          2.  The Java client was depricated as of version 10.