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    Bookmarks creating issue

    shanu s

      Hi Experts,


      i started working in Qlik Sense, i am facing bookmark creating issue.


      We have two categories in Bookmark 1) Base bookmarks 2) My bookmarks.


      When i am creating a new book mark it is default going to My bookmarks, how can i create a bookmarks under Base bookmarks.


      Please advice me.




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          Andy Weir

          By bringing the app into your work area adding the bookmark and then republishing the app.


          You are trying to create bookmarks in an already published app.

          • Re: Bookmarks creating issue
            Mark Ritter

            Once an app is published then bookmarks created are for that particular user only and show under My Bookmarks.


            If you want bookmarks to be available to all users then you have to add them while you are editing the app in your Work Area and then publish the app.  Then your bookmarks show up under Base Bookmarks and all users will see them.