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    Let data in dataset disappear

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, community


      I have one issue that I am trying to resolve.

      I have a really simple dataset.


      I want to see if I could use some simple programming that throws out all the lines that have no Product Group.

      The same as "Where Exists () function" does in QlikView script.


      I want line number 4 which has Partner Name Ögurvík and Income 4.500 and line number 8 which has Partner Name Coca-Puffs and Income 25.483 to disappear because they have no Partner Group.




      Partner Name Income Partner Group
      HB Grandi       1.000    Fisk
      Iceland Seafood       2.000    Fisk
      Brim Seafood       3.500    Fisk
      Ögurvík       4.500   
      Bonus       6.520    Food
      Hagkaup       2.633    Food
      Cherries     22.221    Food
      Coca-Puffs     25.483   
      HB Grandi   215.536    Food



      regards, Darri