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    Current Month vs Previous Month Value

    Frantz Gonzales



      I want to compare Current Month Value vs Previous Month Value. I made a question 2 days ago for a Current Month vs Previous Month Total Tickets : Get how many tickets were generated in the month before the chosen one .

      I did that. I created a 2 news fields:

      Month(Fecha_Crea) as FechaMonth,

      Num(Month(Fecha_Crea)) as Num_Fecha,

      Now, I have to compare a different field: 'SLA'. To get SLA, I have this expression:

      Count({$<Cumplimiento={'CUMPLIÓ'}>} Ticket)/Count(TOTAL Ticket) . It shows me SLA of Current Month


      Now, I want to get a SLA of Previous Month. I did this:

      Count({< Num_Fecha = {  $(=Max(Num_Fecha) - 1)}>+$<Cumplimiento={'CUMPLIÓ'},[Fecha_Crea.autoCalendar.Month]>}Ticket)/Count(TOTAL Ticket)

      But it doesn't work.


      My expression to get a Current Month Total Tickets is :

      Count({  < Num_Fecha = {  $(=Max(Num_Fecha) - 1)},[Fecha_Crea.autoCalendar.Month] >}Ticket)

      I hope u can help me.