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    [Help!] How can i create a value to an existing variable and merge to another!?

      Hi everyone!


      I have a problem here that might be fun for you guys. I am extracting data from SAP normally, and the data from SAP contains a several columns. I am inserting another linked table too, but this table has a plus column called TYPE and it was supposed to hve the data if it is a REAL expenditure or a PROVISIONED one.

      It happens that nether the SAP have this field, nor can i remove it from the file (cus its usefull on my avaliation). Also, on the provision file, this field contains only Provision on its string value. I need to fullfill this field comming from SAP's QVD (expanditures.qvd), creating a column called TYPE with the value REAL and merge with the provisioned one. Like this one:





                Cost Center

      FROM Expanditures.qvd



                Name as [Description],


                Cost Center,


      FROM Provision.xlsx


      I am new to Qlikview, can anyone help me?!


      Thank you very much.